Friday, September 5, 2008

Microsoft's First Seinfeld Ad Airs: Shoe Circus

Hey, have you seen the really good TV Ads from Apple?

This is just one of the ones I like the most:

These ads have hurt a lot Microsofts Vista's image on customers... Including myself! I really dont like Vista. But know what? Microsoft is going to air several TV ads with Jerry Seinfield! How cool is that? They are even paying him $10 million for that "hard work"...

And the result? The worst TV Ad I have ever seen! Check it out:

More comments about the ad: I like this one:


Seinfeld reminds me of the mid 1990s. Kinda like Microsoft...

haha, Get a Mac :-)


David Gerard said...

What's the message? "Vista is hard, let's go shopping!"

I toldja, they shoulda gone with a tried and tested comedic genius.

Oscar Centeno said...

jaja, yeah... its like "we're tired of speaking of software... lets talk about shoes..."