Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging with wordpress

I know, Im writing from Blogger, but that doesn't mean I can't use Wordpress for my other sites!

Currently I moved my christian evangelism website which was using my custom hand-made PHP code to a new one using Wordpress. Its cool, very customizable and easily to extend (Yes, more customizable than Blogger, so far). I just wanna post a little bit about the tools Im using...

I have downloaded and customized the theme Im using. CSSEdit is my best friend on doing this! HTML editing is done with Taco HTML Edit (It even previews PHP code!).

Then, any image I need to create (foe example, the website banner) is done with Pixelmator (Its really the Mac OS X Image editor for the rest of us).

Then Im using the next Wordpress plugins. Search for them in Wordpress plugins directory. They are a great help, my theme is simple but I can include functions that make the site easier to manage and include custom content.

All in One SEO Pack: Cool optimization for Search engines. Must-have.
Audio player: Every post that has an mp3 get a flash player. Its really cool since the user doesnt need to download or stream the mp3 on another page for listening.
Blog Icons: Places tags that tell where the Favicon or iphone icon reside.
Contact Form 7: Super easy form maker. I just need to add a simple tag to my post or page and automatically I got a contact form! I use it for people to contact me or to email a friend.
FeedBurner FeedSmith: Redirects all of your traffic to your feedburner account. Feedburner is also a must-have.
File Icons: My mp3 and pdf links now show a little image. Since it uses CSS3, IE6 cannot render it correctly but its a nice addon for more advanced browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera...)
Google XML Sitemaps: It automatically updates my Sitemap.xml each time there is a new post or content. I dont need to update it manually. Also it has options for notofying other search engines about content updates. If you use Google Webmasters services, this is a must-get.
New Tag Cloud: Nice tag cloud. Its better than others in that it doesnt place a tag in font size 7 and other in 44! Its nicer than the default one.
One Click Plugin Updater: A plugin for installing plugins! I dont need to FTP anymore!
pageMash: It allows me to organize the way the static pages appear on the main menu. Its visual!
Simple Yearly Archive: Its a simple list of all the posts ordered by year. I use it on a static page.
Ultimate Google Analytics: Wow, so easy to track my website using Google Analytics. I didnt need to edit any PHP file. The plugin does everything for me. Every link gets tagged and tracked automatically! Wow.

See you around!