Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stay fit in Acceptance tests

Last week, I read some articles about automated acceptance testing. Since I read about JUnit for unit testing in Java (2001?), automated testing has been one of my interest areas, although I didn't use it the Test-Driven way until this year. At work, we develop on .NET and use an open-source strategy with NUnit, RhinoMocks and NCover. I'll post more on TDD and how we use it at work later. But for now, Id just say that unit testing really rocks... so, I'm curious about acceptance testing automation and how can it be integrated in a continuos build strategy.
I read here that:
" may be the next big thing
It could be even bigger than JUnit"

Could it be so cool? So Im starting to read about Fit and Fitnesses as automated acceptance testing frameworks and trying to imagine how could we maybe use Fitnesse for .NET on future projects...
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