Saturday, December 1, 2007

my Daily scrums insights

I'm grateful about a good week at work. Last week, we had our daily Scrum meetings, or standups as they are usually called, and I think the communication is a lot better between us. My team (Christian, Alex and Marcia) have been working for 3 months together. One of my issues I dont like of project management is that the MS Project schedule isn't enough for me to keep track of the project's progress. In my opinion, it's just too impersonal. Daily meetings as proposed by Scrum seem to me a good tool for helping the whole team to communicate. We found several requirements and schedule changes this week, but our daily meeting helped us to be always in sync. Next week, I'm not going to be at the office, and the standup meetings will be the teams way to keep on the good communication. As for our 1 week trial, I can say that they have added value to our software development efforts and we'll continue to use have these scrum meetings. Can they help you too/ Hope so!

I'll post a pic of my team on a Daily standup later!

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