Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Coding Architect vs the Astronaut one

I just read a post from Shawn Neal about the difference between a coding architect and a non coding architect (NCA). Read it on If I call you a Software Architect, its an insult.

Basically he talks about the "architect" that doesn't code, hes call him an "astronaut architect". He lives too far from the ground and adds no value to the software itself, and only produces Powerpoints and fancy words. Its interesting, and please "no pun intended", really. If you are a NCA, maybe you may wanna check the article so you can examine your role.

IMHO, if you are a technical lead (or a XP coach), you must not leave the sofware coding entirely. Yes, you may think in how to improve your development process and other high level stuff, but I think its important to code. On my daily job, I dont usually code as my daily tasks, but I'm always reading code from others and staying up to date on the technology for improving the way we do things. So, I speaking to myself too: If the tech lead stops programming, he loses the contact with the "real wold" and that is not good.

So, I dont want to be an astronaut, I want to enjoy making useful software and helping others enjoy it too... And you? Do you like writing software?

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