Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm giving a try to Online / Offsite backups

When my sister's Macbook harddrive crashed a year ago, we learned the leason. Backups are vital! So, we bought an external harddrive and upgraded to Mac OSX Leopard, that has Timemachine built-in (an in-site backup solution from Apple). Timemachine is cool, but what happens if my backup drive crashes too? Now, I want to try-out an off-site solution.

Now Im giving it a try to Mozy. Mozy has a free account type that lets you use 2GB for backups. Its cool since it runs on my Mac and I configured it to backup every night. Since I "only" have 2GB of online storage, I'm using it just for my personal pictures (got 1.6 GB already only in pictures from 2007 and 2008!).

It runs unattended each night and it feels nice having my data on a server (or servers) somewhere in the world. If my Mac's harddrive crashes some day, I'll have my backup Harddrive, and if that crashes too (hey, disasters happen!), I can have my Mozy backup ready for restoring. The unlimited space account is just $5 per month, and I think that's a good deal.

If you want to be nice to me giving me 256MB of free storage on Mozy, please, click on the next link and subscribe to Mozy:

On your first backup, I'll be given my free additional storage! Thanks if you want to do that!

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Ruby said...

Sorry to know that your sister's hard drive. You are completely correct about backing up files, either via online or storage device. The technology these days allows us multiple options to store our files in various ways. Having an online back up drive is very convenient since you could access all of your files on the go with a simple click.

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