Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google attention to details and the G1

OK, I generally love Google software. A lot of my data is in their servers (mail, photos, calendar, feeds, blogs, pictures) and they are awesome. Today, they unveilled the new G1, Google's first Android phone, with T-Mobile.

Looks cool, and totally open (you can even unlock the Sim after 90 days of use). However, I concur with this gizmodo post about how the G1 fails in paying attention to details...

Check the analog and the digital time in this image:

9:10 or 2:47? What are they thinking in?

Yes, its just a mockup, but where is the coolness in a gadget that doesn't even show the correct time? Also, when you look at the apps they have no consistent UI style.

Well, maybe you'll wanna check this gizmodo post and take a look at other images...

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