Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly readlist - Jan 18, 2008

Hi! I'll try to keep a record of some articles I read and share them here. Remember that the sidebar is updated with the most interesting posts I read on of the blogs I follow.

Agile Planning
Our Professional Responsibility

Acceptance Testing
Introduction to FIT
Introduction to Fit and Fitnesse Part I (podcast)
Introduction to Fit and Fitnesse Part II (podcast)
Patterns and Anti-Patterns: Acceptance Testing with FitNesse

Requirements Management
Agile Principle #4: Agile requirements are barely sufficient!

Project management
A Practical Guide to Seven Agile Methodologies

Code generation
NVelocity is a port of the excellent Apache Jakarta Velocity project. It is a very simple, easy to learn and extensible template engine.

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