Thursday, January 10, 2008

New things! Check DbFit...

I was commenting with a partner today about how you can keep track of new technologies and practices. Software development is so pragmatic that an idea can be cataloged as "crazy" one day and the "silver bullet" the next... And the question is ¿what do you do as a professional software developer to be updated and share your new ideas with the community?

That's one reason why blogs are so great. They are free, easy to share, to update and you can keep up with their new contents with great readers (like Google Reader). Wow, when you are keeping track of 18 blogs and 9 podcasts there is something new every day, how cool is that?

If you want to start chewing a new idea right now, I recommend you the article Test-first development with FitNesse. I think maybe this could be the next big thing in automated testing.

Also, keep track of Test-driven database development with DbFit. I was chatting with the creator (Gojko Advic) and he has some great ideas he's applying on his projects. DbFit uses Fitnesse for creating your database tests in a wiki-style, with a very easy syntax and it manages the transactions so you don't leave corrupt data on your database. And Great news - SQLServer 2000 is now supported in DbFit for all of us who aren't still in 2005.

And of course, you can integrate Fitnesse and DbFit results into CruiseControl.Net, explained here.

So, there you have some new ideas, IMO with great potential to improve our software. Why don't you take some minutes to read that links and keep tracks of some related blogs? Check my blogs and podcasts on the sidebar. Stay fit!

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