Saturday, December 15, 2007

Got "The art of Agile Development"!

Recently i've been following James Shore's blog. He's an independent consultant on applying agile methods. It's been interesting to read some of his Essays too. In fact I found his site while googling for Fit and acceptance tests. He just published his new book "The art of Agile Development". It was a no-brainer to order it from Amazon and I just received it!

I'll start to read it and by just looking at the book's index, it seems really interesting. In his page, he introduces the book:

Our goal for this book was to provide a complete how-to guide and starter kit for beginning and intermediate agile practitioners. To keep the book concrete and practical, we focus on XP. If you're new to agile and are looking for a simple, direct, and comprehensive "how to" guide, I think you'll like our book.

You can also listen to a podcast with James about his book on the Agile Toolkit Podcast.

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